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Ordering Hours

Monday - Friday 5-9

Saturday 4-9

Sunday 4-8

Delivery Territory

8-Mile radius/restaurant

Delivering to all destinations

Colchester & surrounding towns

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OUR restaurants

The Plum Tomato

Papa Z's

Toyo Hibachi

Gung Ho

Lucky House

Mel's Downtown Creamery

Family Pizza

Maria's Pizza

Fresca Tequila Bar & Grill

Germano's Bar & Grill

Georgia's Restaurant

Scotties Frozen Custard

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Füd Delivery was born in Colchester, CT  in October 2017. We believe our community should have the same options as the biggest cities in the World. Füd Delivery brings choice and convenience to every citizen of Colchester and to our wonderful surrounding towns. Happy Delivery!

A Colchester, CT Company

Putting a Smile in Every Delivery 

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