How does it work?


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How does it work (Colchester)?

How Does it Work? (Detailed)

1. On, insert address (in radius restaurants will appear) 2. Click the "Click to See MENU & Order Now" button and make your food selections. 3. Click the little cart icon at the top right of the ordering screen to check out. 4. Insert accurate information (especially address details). 5. Pay for your order with a credit or debit card (driver tip not included) 6. You'll then get an order confirmation from the restaurant 7. Once your Driver picks up your order, you'll be notified via SMS text & email with a tracking link 8. Once your Delivery Driver arrives, he or she will hand you your food. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are instituting a 100% contactless delivery process. (Gratuity is appreciated and NOT part of the delivery charge). Tips can be made at 9. Enjoy your meal right in the comfort of your own home! 10. Tell your family and friends about FÜD Delivery!

How Does it Work? (Overview)

1) Ordering (delivering within an 8-mile radius of each restaurant we serve) Ordering is easy with Füd Delivery. All you do is select the restaurant you want to order from, launch their online menu, select your items and check out. Once the restaurant accepts your order you'll be notified right away! Ordering is all online! $6/delivery flat fee ($3/delivery flat fee) with no minimums (except Mel's Downtown creamery)! Delivering within an 8-mile radius per restaurant 2) Delivery
Once your Service Delivery Agent has picked up your food, you'll be notified via text and email. Track, in real-time, where your driver is on an interactive map! 3) Food Drop Off Once your friendly Service Delivery Agent arrives at your home, he or she will greet you and open his or her hot bag to hand you your food. Be kind to our hard-working drivers by tipping them in cash or via your credit/debit card (or online tipping through PayPal and Venmo at During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adopted 100% contactless deliveries.







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