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Welcome, Delivery Partner!

We are very happy you have decided to partner with us to deliver AMAZING experiences to our mutual customers! This page will provide some educational materials you can use to be most successful as an independent contracting drive for Füd Delivery.


What you'll see below:


FIRST: Watch the Videos!

  • Video 1: Independent Contractor Orientation

  • Video 2: Learn how to use the delivery app (Tookan)

SECOND: Get your stuff!



Watch the Videos!

All Videos

This channel is coming soon!


Get Your Stuff!

  • 1) Sign up for Square (card reader)
    Click HERE to sign up for your Sqaure and ensure you select that you want a card reader. If you have an iPhone that doesn't have a headphone jack, there is an additional cost for the adapter. Seach the Square site for more details. It takes about 5-7 days to get you square reader. The card reader is required in order to get card tips at the point of delivery.
  • 2) Buy bags
    It's suggested you purchase your bags from Amazon Prime to enjoy the free 2-day shipping (or as they offer free 2-day shipping WITHOUT a membership). To know what type, size, etc. bag you need, refer to these two links: Bag 1 and Bag 2.
  • 3) Download Delivery Driver App
    Search your app or play store to find the Tookan Agent. I will provide you your username and password. This will be your delivery app used to help you make deliveries.
  • 4) Download Whatsapp
    Whatsapp is the way the team communicates.
  • 5) Complete W-9
    Complete the W-9 HERE. The company name on the form should be your name as it's your business (as an Independent Contractor. After you fill it out, download and send to
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