How does it work?


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How does it work (Moodus)?

How Does it Work? (Detailed)

1. On, check the map to see if you are in the delivery territory. 2. After you have verified you are in the delivery territory, scroll down the page and select the restaurant you want to order delivery from by clicking the "Order Now" button and make your food selections. 3. Click the little cart icon at the top right of the ordering screen to check out. 4. Insert accurate information (especially address details). 5. Pay for your order with a credit or debit card (driver tip not included) 6. You'll then get an order confirmation from the restaurant 7. Once your Driver picks up your order, you'll be notified via SMS text & email with a tracking link 8. Once your Delivery Agents arrives, he or she will hand you your food. (Gratuity is appreciated and NOT part of the delivery charge). During the Covid-19 pademic, we will be adhereing to state and local guidelines and adopting contactless deliveries. 9. Enjoy your meal right in the comfort of your own home and be sure to tip your Delivery Agent at 10. Tell your family and friends about FÜD Delivery!

How Does it Work? (Overview)

1) Ordering (delivering within an 4-5-mile territory to start) Ordering is easy with Füd Delivery. All you do is select the restaurant you want to order from, launch their online menu, select your items and check out. Once the restaurant accepts your order you'll be notified right away! Ordering is all online! $6/delivery flat fee with no minimums. 2) Delivery
Once your Service Delivery Agent has picked up your food, you'll be notified via text and email. Track, in real-time, where your driver is on an interactive map! 3) Food Drop Off Once your friendly Service Delivery Agent arrives at your home, he or she will greet you and open his or her hot bag to hand you your food. Be kind to our hard-working drivers by tipping them in cash or via your credit/debit card (or online tipping through PayPal and Venmo at During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adopted 100% contactless deliveries.



How long does delivery take?

The average is between 30-60 minutes, depending on how quickly the restaurant can cook the food and how busy the night is for Füd's Service Delivery Agents. You will receive an estimated delivery window from the restaurant upon ordering, but that is merely an estimated delivery window.

How much is the delivery fee and when do I pay for it?

​The delivery fee is $6 for all restaurants. You would pay the delivery fee when you check-out online.

What is the delivery radius?

4-5-mile delivery territory.

What are the ways I can tip?

You can tip your driver either by cash or credit/debit card (at the point of delivery) during regular course of business. However, due to the Covid-19 precautions, we have online tipping options through PayPal and Venmo located here:

Can I call the restaurant to place a delivery order?

Not at this time.

Do you do large orders/catering orders?

If you are placing a large or catered order, please contact the restaurant directly and they will coordinate the delivery date and time with you.

What is the Square application?

Square is a payment processing solution used on Füd Delivery Agent’s smartphones to collect tips. It’s a safe way to receive payment using a secure connection. Don’t worry, the delivery agent DOES NOT have access to your credit card information, nor is anything stored on their phone. All information goes to Square for processing.

Will the Füd Delivery Agents open the food containers to check my food?

No. Füd Delivery Agents are prohibited from opening any food containers.

What happens if I get the wrong order/something is missing?

Contact the restaurant. Our Delivery Agents will be verifying the order at pick up to ensure all the containers are with the proper order, but will NOT be opening the food containers and/or inspecting the food in any way. Call the restaurant if you did not get everything you ordered.

How do I check my delivery status?

You will get notified via SMS text on your smartphone and you'll receive an email when your order is picked up from the restaurant. You would follow the link to track your Service Delivery Agent.

Should I tip my driver? If so, how much?

You should definitely consider tipping your driver. Think of the delivery driver as your waiter(ress) who is serving you in the comfort of your own home, keeping your food safe, and delivering it to you as fast as possible. We recommend tipping your delivery driver what you would tip a waiter(ess) if you were at a restaurant.

What if my delivery driver was rude?

Your satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE priority. We kindly ask that you contact us immediately if you are not 100% satisfied with your delivery experience - 860-853-8088.

What if I want to cancel my order?

You would immediately contact the restaurant and it’s up to their discretion to accept the cancellation. It’s your responsibility to contact the restaurant IMMEDIATELY if you want to cancel the order. If a restaurant has started or already prepared your food, then don’t expect an accepted cancellation. A refund will be issued.

What if all the food I ordered isn’t there?

You would immediately contact the restaurant and work out the issue with them. They are responsible for inaccurate orders. Our Service Delivery Agents will do what they can to verify all your containers, but won't be opening up containers to confirm if the actually accurate.

The order didn't accept my order and it looks like the money was taken from my account. What happened?

When you place an order, the system grabs and HOLDS your money (not processes it). The point of this is to eliminate fraud and misuse of the system. IF the restaurant does not accept your order, you should call the restaurant and ask why it wasn't accepted. DO NOT submit the order again until you verify with the restaurant. The money that was grabbed and held will show up in your account the next day (and will be returned automatically).

Is there an ordering app?

Not at this time. is mobile friendly.

How do you pronounce “Füd”?

It’s the equivalent sound of “food”